Website Creator-Best Do It Yourself Web

How It Works was founded on the idea that building your own personal or business website should be affordable and easy. We believe that you shouldn't have to rely on a web designer for updating a site, and paying someone else for your work.

Building websites with is simple Ė If you can browse, you can build.  If you build they will come!
 There are no HTML codes to remember. No need to learn any graphic design. Users donít even need to know the principles of website design.

The entire site building process is managed by a set of easy to use Wizards, that help build different parts of your website. Some examples of wizards are Homepage Wizard, Form Wizard, Flash Wizard, etc.

The user just needs to choose a particular wizard based on his specific requirements. The specific wizard then handholds the user through the rest of the modular building process by asking the user to perform simple tasks, step by step, one at a time.